The APEX Award (Associates Pursuit for Excellence), is an award presented to a Builder annually at the Installation Banquet. This award represents recognition on behalf of the Associate membership for excellence and professionalism in working with Associate members of the Dallas Builders Association.

Builders wishing to be considered for this award need to complete an application form and submit it to the Dallas Builders Association by the announced deadline. Each applicant must submit a list of all subcontractors and suppliers with which they do business. A questionnaire is sent to each of the member firms listed by the applicant. These firms will be asked to respond anonymously by rating their builder on a scale from 1 to 10 in various areas of interactive relations.

1994 - Jameson Classic Homes
1995 - Arcobella Homes
1996 - Oliver Group, Inc
1997 - Gregory & Sons Builders
1998 - Hunter Franklin Homes
1999 - Zachary Custom Homes
2000 - Stirling Wainscott Builders, Inc.
2001 - Park Place Homes
2002 - George Lewis Custom Homes
2004 - Tim Jackson Custom Homes, Inc.
2005 - Amli Residential Properties Trust LLC
2006 - Mishler Builders, Inc.
2008 - Cresswell Enterprises
2009 - Hensley Premier Builders
2010 - Caprock Custom Homes
2011 - Luxury Homes of Texas
2012 - DFW Improved
2013 - Thomas Signature Homes
2014 - Tatum Brown Custom Homes
2015 - Classic Urban Homes
2016 - Highland Classic Homes