Dallas Announces New Plan Review Procedures for High Traffic Days

Dallas Announces New Plan Review Procedures for High Traffic Days

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The City of Dallas has provided the following information to the Association regarding its plans to increase efficiency on high traffic days. On occasion there are 25 or more people signing in to room 105 first thing in the morning. When that occurs, the following procedures will apply.

Message from the City of Dallas
When applying for a building permit our goal is to provide a review in the quickest and most efficient manner. On occasion, due to high demand for application and plan review services, the residential plan reviewers have a backlog of applicants for reviews resulting in long customer wait times. Occasionally, applicants that sign in later in the morning may not receive a plan review that day. In those instances we offer the following services to help make best use of your time and still provide you with a reasonable time frame to receive a plan review:

1. PROVIDE YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION – If you are further down on the list and would like to leave to accomplish other business we will take your telephone number and call you approximately one-hour prior to your review taking place. This will provide you with time to return to our offices to meet with the plan reviewer. If you are not available at the time the plan reviewer calls your name and it is beyond the one-hour time frame of when we notified you we will remove you from the list and you can try again another day.

2. DROP OFF SERVICE – If you have some flexibility in the schedule for your project you can drop off your permit application and plans rather than wait for the reviewers. We provide a time estimate at the time of drop off of the typical wait time based on the number of plans that are in the queue ahead of you.

3. PRE-SCREENING – It is highly recommended that you wait for a staff member to provide you with a pre-screen of your plans and application to make sure you are not missing anything from the checklist and that all of the documents are in order so you can receive a complete review.. Sometimes we discover items that, when identified early, prevent additional visits to the permit center.

We value the time and investment you are making in the City of Dallas and strive to maintain the most efficient and fastest service possible.